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Instructions for Writing a Science Essay

A science essay is somewhat different from all other types of academic writing. This is where you should support your position with mainly quantitative data, like hard facts and numbers. Your writing style should be specific and factual, so make sure that there are no unresolved problems or obscure areas in your piece of writing.

Planning Your Science Essay

  • Understand the requirements.
  • What questions are you expected to answer? Are you an expert in this specific scientific area and do you understand the topic? Are you ready to meet the requirements? If you aren’t very competent in the subject or aren’t able to explore the problem deeply enough, consider changing the topic or improving your knowledge in the field.

  • Manage your time.
  • A lengthy science paper cannot be written the last night before submission, so carefully plan out how long it’ll take to cope with the task.

Conducting Research

  • Go to the school library.
  • Search for the materials in the necessary area of science. Avoid using generic sources, like encyclopedias, but give preference to credible publications in the field.

  • Use the Internet.
  • Look through professional academic databases and the websites of professional organizations in your science area. Keep away from general websites because they aren’t suitable sources of information for science essays.

Drafting Your Science Paper

  • Develop an outline.
  • Creating a rough outline is a great way to organize your thoughts on the topic. It will serve as a helpful roadmap and save you from missing any important points.

  • Write an informative introduction.
  • In your introductory section, you should look at the research question in its scientific context. Namely, you should provide some background that will help others understand your question, define unfamiliar terms, and look through existing interpretations of the topic. You should also make an argument and outline how you are going to prove your point.

  • Draft the body.
  • Support your argument with relevant information. These are likely to be some tables and figures. Make sure that you present them in compliance with the necessary writing style. Namely, you’re required to reference, number, and label them throughout the text. If your essay is lengthy, divide it into several sections and prepare corresponding section headings.

  • Conclude clearly.
  • Briefly restate the main argument of your paper and sum up the points you made in the body. Provide your conclusions and give your reasons for these conclusions. If there are any ideas for further scientific research, state them.

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