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Composing a critical evaluation essay on American economy

The American economy has experienced its share of highs and lows to become the formidable world power it is today. The American economy grew tremendously after the civil war due to a great wealth of natural resources. This in turn, led to investments flowing into the economy and increased trade with other nations.
A critical evaluation essay on this economy must give equal voice to the good and bad aspects that shaped the economy into what we know of it now. Well-researched, clear language can lead to a successful descriptive essay such as this one.

  • Gain a clear idea about your topic
    An essay can be well-written and of high quality, only when you familiarize yourself with the topic you would like to touch upon. There are many approaches to critically analyzing and evaluating the vast American economy, so make sure to choose one that interests you.
    Information overload is something you should avoid – both for the reader’s sake and for your own. Stick to main arguments that add value to the overall structure and stay true to your chosen topic. It is important to have a balanced approach when writing the essay, and not getting personal viewpoints in the way.
  • Write out a detailed outline
    Having an outline that maps your progress through an essay can be a lifesaver, especially when the topic is demanding. Flesh out your main points when writing the outline, and reflect on the logical order you want to pursue. Sometimes, you may need to revise your outline based on newer information or add more ideas where there are gaps. Remember to keep the outline simple and easy to grasp – no technical jargon, long sentences or complicated examples.
  • Take time out for good research
    Research is one thing that many students fall short on, when writing their essays. There are many sources that can supplement the points you want to make, so why not utilize them to your advantage?
    Finding published journals or the works of known authors in your field, can elevate your arguments to the level of a scholar. When using ideas from sources, make sure to credit them with footnotes or a list of references. Libraries, online research websites, journal websites, etc. can be good starting points when looking for the right sources.

Evaluating the American economy can be a complex task, especially with the range of successes and failures one has to pay attention to. Start by choosing what time-frame you want to cover, then read up quality sources on economic history. Analyze different industries that emerged as strongholds in America, along with challenges faced by other sectors.

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