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Writing an Essay on the American Dream and Its Transformation

The American dream symbolizes the nationalist spirit of America – a life of limitless possibilities and the pursuit of happiness. It is what has driven millions of people to call the country home.

  • Take the time to find your interests
  • There are many ways to tackle to subject of the American dream and its transformation. You can choose to approach it using examples from popular culture or focus on the bigger picture such as changes in the economy and its impact. The important part is to find a perspective that you closely identify with, or want to take on as a challenge

  • Use an essay outline as your guide
  • Make the time and effort to put together a detailed outline, with your main points. Elaborate on the points with relevant examples or sources you may want to include in the essay. Having an essay outline keeps you from becoming overwhelmed and helps you see how your essay structure looks on paper. Sometimes, visualizing ideas coming together is not enough, and the order can change as you progress with writing.

  • Do your background research
  • A great essay can be distinguished from average ones – based on the quality of research carried out by the student. Those diligent with their work, will track down primary and secondary resources that add depth and context to their point of view. Good sources can enrich your writing and provide evidence to back your arguments effectively. Start by hunting for sources in your campus library or online. You can also take recommendations from your fellow students or teachers.

  • Edit and revise
  • Often, with a challenging topic, you may need to write out multiple drafts of an essay before it is to your satisfaction. Do not let silly mistakes, typos and grammatical errors diminish the quality of your writing. Read and reread your essay to avoid structural and formatting issues, that could bring down your grade. Too many errors can distract the reader from the quality of your writing and the points you are trying to get across. If this is not a test, you can have your draft read by a close friend or an interested faculty member.

For those in the 1900s, the American dream was associated with the consumerist culture and technological advancements made possible post-World War II. However, with global issues like climate change, economic downturn and financial upheavals – the American dream has slowly transformed over the years.

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