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Business Essay Topics For High School Students       


A business essay topic does not need much preparation if you know where to go for your research and have paid attention in class. A Harvard business school essay can have a range of content on leading business topics.

Topics are one of the most important elements of a successful essay. It is the first thing that has the potential to impress a reader. You can pick an attention-grabbing heading or one that gives a hint about your main points.

As a high school student, writing an essay can be demanding work, and especially intimidating if you are not used to doing so. Remember to stick to your main ideas, instead of writing points that are not relevant. Below are a few good business essay topics for high school that can help you brainstorm as you think about writing your own:

  • Choose a company of your choice and examine how they implement practices promoting workplace diversity. Describe the positive aspects and what they could improve upon.
  • Pick a specific industry (i.e. construction, forestry, agriculture, advertising, mining) and analyze their business ethics practices.
  • Explore the power of digital marketing and social media marketing and how it can help businesses maximize profit.
  • Discuss the benefits of providing monetary incentives to employees.
  • Which business approach is more effective for new companies – product orientation or market orientation?
  • Critically analyze whether test marketing is an effective business strategy.
  • What are the challenges faced by an SME versus a big corporation?
  • Describe the different types of franchising; is it easier to have a startup versus a franchise?
  • Perspective on employee payments linked to performance and growth.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of public-private partnerships.
  • Examine how business deregulation affects companies in your country or state of origin.
  • What are the challenges of choosing a merger versus an acquisition?
  • Elaborate on the best practices for hiring new employees – what are some things to take note of?
  • Having a solid marketing strategy should be a priority for all businesses – compare and contrast.
  • Business leaders – are they the product of their experiences or is it innate?

Choosing a business-related essay topic can be a challenge, only because there are many angles to write from. It is key that your essay contains clear language, little to no grammatical errors and have a good argument.

Essays are a way for you to highlight your learning about various business concepts taught in class or indirectly, from research you may have pursued. Be sure to make an outline before proceeding with writing your content. This way, your thoughts will be organized and you will feel more confidence commencing your assignment.

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