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What to do if I want to write essay for money

Writing essay for money is a very conducive way of getting some extra pocket money. The demand of written essays has become really high with huge number of students looking for people who can, “write my essay for money”. Many high school students and specially college students write essays in their free time and earn some money through that. The process of becoming a paid essay writer is not difficult if your quality is good. If you see that you are getting loads of work. You can even set up your own website and earn more money for your writing. If you wish to start writing essay for money, here are some important thing you should know.

  • Requirement
    The first requirement for becoming a paid essay writer is the capability to write well. When students ask for paid essays they expect a standard from the essays, a standard that will be appreciated by their teachers. The websites before they accept you, ask you to write one essay to test your quality. Unless you are fluent in the language and are able to write well, you can’t become a paid essay writer. Secondly you should also be able to do research well. Each essay is different and one is required to study and research for giving accurate and rich content in the essays. Delivering substandard essays will lead you to lose your job. If you specialize in any field, mention that while filling the application forms. Say you are a literature student and are efficient at writing literature essays. The website you register with will give you work based on your area of specialization. That way the effort you have to put in would be less.
  • Starting
    First prepare a set of essays which are brilliantly composed. Take time writing them and ensure that they are top class. These are the essays that you will attach with your application form and the ones you will be judged upon. Find a website that is hiring. Look up about the website and ensure its credibility. Make sure you read all rules of payment, submission, work contract, etc before you apply. Write an impressive application letter and attach your essays. Apply in the same way to other websites that are hiring. Then you wait for some confirmation email. Once you get selected learn everything in detail, like payment methods, working hours, and requirement. These are necessary information that you should know.
  • Freelance
    Alternately you can freelance and submit essays to different sites when they ask for it. This type of arrangement is difficult to establish especially at the start. So I would advise, first establish your reputation then go for freelancing. You might not get enough assignments if you start off with freelancing.
  • Start independently
    It is possible to do away with any second parties and directly sell essays to clients. The profit is more in this method but one doesn’t get stable work at the start. Once your reputation is established you can profit a lot from setting up individually. Try to advertise your service sand attach samples of your work to draw customers.

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