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One of the first steps towards becoming a good writer, is knowing how to make use of the different tricks for the right purpose and this can only happen if one knows the different papers types in existence. You can easily acquire list of the various types and the techniques most suited to them from online literary sources.

Despite being required to specialize, experienced writers often have a bag of tricks to help them with most writing tasks. These tricks can be simple and not necessarily related specifically to essays writing at all. Instead, you might find that most have some very unexpected methods that help them compose. Consider the following list, it contains many tricks that can be quite useful to you, as you compose your short stories:

The topic plays a huge part in the construction of any paper and experienced writers will all agree that a bad topic choice, is the one thing that is most likely to cause your failure. You can help yourself with this stage with many simple tricks, most commonly, authors will often brainstorm ideas before they start writing.
This is a statement that can help you with your planning and organizing, its short, bold and often alluding to a mystery or deep question. While fictional pieces do not need thesis statements, they can be quite helpful in giving you a sense of what you need to do, or state in order to complete your paper, according to your chosen topic.
Templates may be one of the most useful tools in a writer’s arsenal and you would do well to learn about them. Templates are quite simple, they are nothing more than rough drafts of a paper design, its structure and the contents required to be in it. With a good template, you can greatly reduce the amount of time you spend thinking of ideas, as well as time spent gathering information. Because a good template will often inform you of exactly what type of information you need as well, it can even help you write about topics that you are not familiar with.
This may be a bit of a short cut but it is a good one. All essays can be written according to the following structure; introduction, body, climax and conclusion. By using this simple, basic structure, you can eliminate the need to try to be extra creative and instead, simply make sure you paper has all the necessary parts. While this may lack the flare and imaginations of a top writer, it will get the job done and its worth using when in a tough spot.
This is similar to creating a draft of your paper, except its more of a list of ideas in chronological order, rather than a rough draft. By considering your topic and making use of bullet points, you could easily outline all the important aspects of your study. With the points outlined, you can proceed to writing a little bit about each one, which will both help you organize your ideas and also give you materials to expand on later.

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After spending some time brainstorming, review the list you made, you may be surprised to find some remarkable ideas in the contents.